Nursing was my son’s and is my daughter’s favorite activity, hands down! Speaking of hands, the fact that I only have one presents certain challenges during breastfeeding. I totally encourage others who are able and interested to breastfeed – it sure beats fixing a bottle in the middle of the night! That said, formula feeding is a great choice as well and may be easier or better for some parents.

We’ve used several products to assist us. First, we used the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper (mini). This makes it so I can reach baby easily at night, but not share the bed (although, many times baby has managed to weasel into the big bed)! Generally this has been a good product, but we’ve had trouble finding sheets for it, and it doesn’t fold/unfold or move easily AT ALL, so we’ve mostly just left it set up in the bedroom.

Another big help for breastfeeding has been nursing pillows! That’s right – plural. I use two different types of pillows. Mainly at home, we use the ever-popular Boppy. It’s great on the couch or in an armchair. It works in the wheelchair only if there is a table in front of us. I use an additional pillow to put under which ever side we’re on, though, because it’s meant to go on a lap, and well, technically, I don’t have a lap!

I keep other pillow in the car – it’s called My Brest Friend (I know, right?). This is a much firmer pillow that actually straps around my…

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