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As you prepare to become a parent to a baby or young toddler, you will find there are complete “travel systems” which include the carseat, base, and a stroller. This is one of the endless choices you will face while baby-shopping – to get a travel system or not, and which brand of carseat and stroller best meets your needs. The choices are truly mind boggling, and when you have a disability, you may have specific considerations.
To choose a carseat, I went to the baby stores while very pregnant with my first baby and spent a LOT of time trying them out. I knew I needed one that I could use with one hand from my wheelchair, and still be light enough to lift with the baby in it. I actually thought I wouldn’t need a stroller because I figured it would be impossible to push a stroller from me wheelchair. Wrong!

I ended up choosing the Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system. The choice was based on the model having the most features that could be used with one hand, and the ability to rest the carseat on the wheelchair armrest (with support). This is not a light carseat, and with a baby in it, it’s darn heavy. But I *can* use all the features (not easy, but possible).

It seemed that lengthening the straps would require two hands. That is, until I figured out I can push that front orange button with her thumb, and reach underneath with the rest of my hand to pull the straps from the bottom.

Here’s a video to illustrate: (see original post)


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