Editors Note: We are not just republishing this petition request as a news article, but we fully support the purpose and premises of the call for change. Simply bringing in vast numbers of people to theNDIS is not achieving the aims or outcomes of the NDIS. If people don’t go through a planning and goal creation process then all we are doing is shifting funding from old broken State systems onto a new bureaucracy without improving their lives and giving them goals and direction. One of the major aims of the NDIS is to improve the economic and social participation of disabled people, and this cannot be achieved without them going through a proper planning and goal development process.

Also if the NDIA is dropping goal creation because it slowed down the process and they need to bring in people quickly, then they are just going to have the same problem they are avoiding in 12 months time when the people have to create their second plan.

Further if the current approach is not scalable and/or cost effective then the NDIA should have the courage to say this publicly and discuss it with the disabled community before implementing such a radical change.


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The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has implemented changes to the way it is rolling out the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). These changes include the introduction of what the NDIA is calling ‘My First Plan’.

Despite exhibiting case studies of people with disability celebrating their goals on their Youtube channel, the NDIA’s justification for ‘My First Plan’ has been that goals were an additional burden for people joining the scheme.

Under ‘My First Plan’ the first year will be used to get people acquainted with the scheme and only subsequently introduce goals (even if you already have goals prepared).


Is The NDIA in Breach Of The NDIS Legislation?

Because ‘My First Plan’ removes all goals from the NDIS planning process for the entire first year of joining the scheme we are concerned for its legality. This is in direct contradiction to the legislation that created the NDIS, the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013: https://.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2016C00213

The specific clauses of the NDIS Act 2013 which the NDIA has breached with ‘My First Plan’ are in section 33, 34 and 35 (highlighted here).

We believe the NDIA’s actions are wrong, wrong ethically and wrong legally. The NDIS is intended to bring choice and control. Yet this action by the NDIA gives no choice to people with disability to determine relevance and readiness for goals.

Additionally, we are concerned that ‘My First Plan’ is designed to help the NDIA meet its own performance statistics. By herding people through a goalless planning process, the NDIA may push people onto the scheme faster, but at the cost of getting people appropriate supports from the start.

We call on the NDIA to show respect for people with disability, to uphold their legal duty and to give people the choice and control to decide if goals are right for their first plan.

The NDIA’s actions are in direct contradiction to its responsibilities under law. We are petitioning to have the NDIA’s actions in creating ‘My First Plan’ undone and for all participants to have the choice and control to join the scheme with a plan that includes their own goals if they choose.


This petition can be found here on change.org.

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