The RSS Feed on the NDIS website is broken and its a real pain

The official NDIS website publishes a blog containing their latest news updates which could be really useful if only there was a way to be notified when they published such an update – rather a simple request really!

The NDIS has a Twitter account @NDIS but they don’t tweet all the news updates; one can only guess why not as this whole process can be easily automated and require no staff engagement. So you can’t rely on Twitter.

The NDIS has a Facebook page but it is well known that Facebook does not notify you of all posts from business pages, and once again they don’t post all news items anyway. Once again this can be easily automated.

The NDIS also has an email list / newsletter but fails to take maximum advantage of this great, instant communication method – which after all is free and highly accessible. They usually publish an email newsletter once a month although strangely they only give us public news in arrears – for example the July newsletter is published in August – though this month there was no newsletter received – perhaps because of the portal debacle covered elsewhere on this site.

That leaves my personal favourite of RSS for obtaining instant updates when a website such as the NDIS publishes a new blog post. You can use your favourite RSS reader software, your browser, email client or many other means to be notified of website updates via RSS and up until 1 July this was a free, fast and convenient easy to use method for obtaining notice of new NDIS news.

However come 1 July they introduced a new website and split the website over 2 domains – and – I can understand why they would want the Portal on a separate domain but it was an absolutely crazy decision to move existing content to a new url and I will have a separate article on that shortly.

So I got notified that the RSS feed I was monitoring was broken and reporting a 404 page not found error. I assumed they had just changed the url (still a dumb thing to do and you can put a 301 redirect in place easily) but alas the RSS feed, even the correct url on the new domain was broken – and remains so up until the time of publishing this post. I have notified the NDIA of this broken url via their online contact form and also several times on Twitter. I have had no reply and the problem still exists.

This shows a complete lack of regard by the NDIA management for keeping the disabled community informed.

Just in case they do unexpectedly fix it soon the correct link is here: . You find the link to the RSS feed on any of the news pages but of course it is broken!

In the meantime here is how you can manage to monitor the news updates from the NDIA about the NDIS.

The page that the latest news is stored on is:

There is a free service that will monitor web pages for you, and let you know via email or RSS when the page is updated. You can go to this free monitoring site and create a free account and then create an alert to monitor the page where NDIS news is published.

Given the service is free there is one drawback – it only notifies you once per day so you don’t get the immediate notice that RSS provides.

If you have any problems creating the monitoring update service, just post a comment below and we can create a screen capture video showing you how it is done.

Perhaps also fill out the online contact form on the NDIS website and refer them to this news article and if they get enough complaints they might fix this problem more quickly.

If you want more news and commentary on the NDIS then I recommend you subscribe to our NDIS email updates now before you forget.



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