It had taken some courage to sign our daughter up for a toddler gymnastics class in our community. The class required parent participation and with the bouncy floor and various obstacles, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. My husband and I had seen the room, considered where and how we could move about in our wheelchairs and on the floor. We decided that we could do it and more importantly-that Hannah would love it.

After a few sessions, we’d figured out ways to accompany and help Hannah on an off the equipment. She has always loved to climb, crawl, and jump her way through life. She also loved the social connections the class provided. She wasn’t yet in a daycare setting so this was one of her first opportunities to interact with lots of children at once. She learned their names. We learned their names and even in the early toddler years, some children seemed to gravitate more towards each other than others. There were a few girls and boys that Hannah seemed particularly drawn to. She’d seek them out at stations and vice versa.

It was one of these girls that I noticed was carefully handing out envelopes to each child as they were seated on the line at the end of class. She buzzed back and forth from her mom to each child in line. The little girl’s mom began to help with the process. She quickly handed an envelope to…

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