On 1 July 2016 the NDIA completely changed the NDIS website, in the process ruining lots of functionality, causing people’s bookmarks to go to ‘page not found’ errors and many more mistakes.

In this post though I will concentrate on a security error that is plaguing some site visitors, through giving them security warnings in their browsers, particularly on mobile devices – phones, iPads, tablets etc.

The problem has been caused by the NDIA’s technology people not fully installing the SSL certificates for two sites. Previously there was only one NDIS website, namely ndis.gov.au but after the introduction of the new NDIS portal, whose introduction has been a complete debacle as detailed in other articles on our site, they also created a new website myplace.ndis.gov.au.

Now it seems that both websites have had new SSL security certificates installed and both certificates were obtained through a company called Digicert. It turns out that Digicert is not one of the long established and trusted security certificate providers, and this means that older browsers and devices don’t automatically trust the two certificates and when you visit the websites your browser will give you a security warning that the site is not to be trusted.

Fortunately there is an easy solution, but one I unfortunately see not utilised by many web hosts and IT people, particularly in Australia. You can install what are known as intermediate certificates and this leads to your older software being able to trust this unknown certificate.

If you visit here you can verify the problem with the two SSL certificates for yourself. At the time of writing, some 8 weeks since the introduction of the new websites this security issue has still not been fixed.

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And just to prove this was a problem at the time of writing I put two screenshots below of the search results pointing out that the intermediate certificates have not been installed.



I hope the NDIS IT staff will rectify this problem shortly.

There is probably a way to add an unknown SSL certificate to your browser as a trusted certificate but the precise technique will differ from browser to browser so you will have to Google for the instructions I’m afraid.


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