The February 2016 edition of Soundabout is now available. You can use the audio player above to listen or download

Please note, Soundabout is also a podcast which you can subscribe to. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • If you are a Vision Australia library client, make enquiries with them, call 1300 847 466, or
  • Using your podcatcher of choice manually subscribe by using the URL

Contents of this edition includes:

  • Vaughn Bennison speaks with John Simpson about the recent face to face Board meeting
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Leah Van Poppel, CEO for a BCA update
  • Opening address of the 2015 BCA National Convention by David Blyth
  • Keynote address of the 2015 BCA National Convention by Bill Jolley
  • Peter Greco speaks with Vanessa Ransley, first time BCA Convention attendee
  • Marian Jones speaks with Janene Sadhu about the Womens Branch
  • Peter Greco speaks with Susie Barrington about the new Assistive Technology Users Group
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Steve Sparrow about the recent release of his new album
  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with George Booth from Travel Tree about upcoming tours
  • Diary Dates for NSW and ACT
  • BCA contact details

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This article was sourced from the website Blind Citizens Australia blog feed (full copy) and the original article can be found at Soundabout February 2016 - Vision Impairment news.

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