We are lucky in Australia to have access to advanced medicine and a great way of life, it helps us stay healthy and vital well into old age. As a result, we are living longer and getting more out of our lives than the generations that came before us. This also means that most of us will get to an age where we may need a little more help than what our families are able to provide. These days, there are a multitude of options for when this happens, gone are the days when ageing meant giving up your independence!

Understandably, most of us want to stay in our own homes as long as possible and home care is one fantastic option that allows us to do this. Home care is a service where a worker comes to your home on a regular basis and provides you with the help you need to remain in your own home.

Alternatively there are senior living communities or retirement villages. These places are not like nursing homes, in fact, they sound more like living in an all-inclusive resort!



What a Home Care Worker Can do For You

Depending on the home care package that you qualify for and the kinds of things you need assistance with, a home care worker can perform a number of services. These services can include domestic tasks such as general house work and help with shopping and preparing meals. It can also include personal care, such as help with showering and dressing, company on a walk, or a ride to the doctor. Even help with medication, changing dressings and other basic medical services that may be required can be provided. This kind of help means that you can retain your independence and will not have to rely on your spouse or family to pick up the slack. Additionally, it means that you will still receive the physical exercise and nutrition that you require to stay healthy. Many people will also form a good relationship with their workers and this means that you will have some additional companionship, outside of your regular circles.


Senior Living Communities

If you do feel that it is time to move on from your home, maybe for something smaller and easier to manage, choosing to live in a retirement village might be the best choice for you.

Most of these communities have the option of one or two bedroom homes and will have all kinds of options for the level of home care that management will provide. Many of these villages will include all of the things you could possibly want; including gyms, spas, swimming pools and other recreational buildings. Plus, there is the added bonus of living in a community where everyone around you is of a similar age and are more willing to engage in community activities that may be of interest to you.

Villages will also hold regular activities and group meals. Senior living communities also have the benefit of increased safety for residents, the grounds have security officers and if you or your partner should be injured or become ill, most homes will be fitted with intercoms or emergency buttons that will alert staff immediately that there is a problem.

There are more options than ever before for retirement and old age. As the general population has increased in age, so has the understanding of the public for the need for improved quality of life into old age. That is why there is a greater emphasis on people deciding for themselves what their later years should look like and the increased respect for maintaining independence.


This article is an advertorial, written by Better Living Homecare. We thank them for their support of My Disability Matters.

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