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Disability and Ageing: A Virtual Special Issue
Edited by Peter Beresford and Carol Thomas


Major demographic change associated with greatly increasing numbers and proportions of old and very old people has become a major political and policy concern in the West in recent years. While the forces for and pace of such change may be different, it is also emerging as an issue globally. An ageing population has generally been presented as problematic, creating new economic, social policy and inter-generational challenges. These have been framed partly in terms of the reduced proportions of wealth-creating working age people in society, but mainly in terms of the greatly increased costs of long term conditions and impairments predicted for such an ageing population. Thus issues of ageing and disability are now coming into much greater political, public and research prominence, but often conceived in negative terms. Notably these include the cost of older people; the threat of high rates of dementia and the superannuation of traditional welfare state approaches… (introduction continued)


Theme 1: Voices, Identities and Lived Experiences

On Becoming an Older Disabled Woman

Ann Macfarlane


I Now Feel That I’m Not Just a Bit of Left Luggage’: The experiences of older women with arthritis attending a Personal Independence Course

Julie H. Barlow & Bethan Williams


‘I Always Do What They Tell Me To Do’: choice-making opportunities in the lives of two older persons with severe learning difficulties living in a community setting. 

Ann Treece; Susan Gregory; Barbara Ayres; Katina Mendis

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Listening to Older Women with Dementia: Relationships, voices and power

Gillian Proctor


Older disabled workers’ perceptions of volunteering

Susan Balandin; Gwynnyth Llewellyn; Angela Dew; Liora Ballin; Julie Schneider


Keeping wartime memory alive: an oral history project about the wartime memories of people with learning difficulties in Cumbria

John Dias, Malcolm Eardley, Elizabeth Harkness, Louise Townson, Chloe Brownlee-Chapman & Rohhss Chapman


Recognising the agency of people with dementia

Geraldine Boyle


Citizenship in action: the lived experiences of citizens with dementia who campaign for social change

Ruth Barlett



Theme 2: Social Movements and Resources for Independent Living

Same Difference? Older People’s Organisations and Disability Issues 

Mark Priestley & Parvaneh Rabiee


Transitions to part-time work at older ages: the case of people with disabilities in Europe

Ricardo Pagan


Impact of retirement type on income for people with disabilities

Margaret Denton; Jennifer Plenderleith; James Chowhan


Power mobility and the built environment: the experiences of older Canadians

Alexandra Korotchenko; Laura Hurd Clarke



Theme 3: Services and Policy Responses

Normalisation and ‘Normal’ Ageing: the social construction of dependency among older people with learning difficulties

Alan Walker; Carol Walker


Poverty, Disability and the Role of Older Carers

Elaine Argyle


The Accessibility of Public Spaces for People with Dementia: A new priority for the ‘open city’

Tim Blackman, Lynne Mitchell, Elizabeth Burton, Mike Jenks, Maria Parsons, Shibu Raman & Katie Williams


Contested memories: efforts of the powerful to silence former inmates’ histories of life in an institution for ‘mental defectives’

Claudia Malacrida


Staff responses to age-related health changes in people with an intellectual disability in group homes

Ruth Webber; Barbara Bowers; Barbara McKenzie-Green


These articles are published on Taylor and Francis Online. See the special issue on disability and ageing here.


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