Posted on 09th March 2016

New connections at final conferences

The knowledge we have gained in the course of the Autism&Uni project and the final end products have been presented at two international conferences in January and March. While the two events targeted rather different audiences, both had participants who expressed interest in our results. As we have seen happen in partner countries, educators and autistic students of different ages were keen to discuss their experiences, giving the impression that up-to-date information and tools are welcomed by everyone working with these issues.

The World Autism Organisation (WAO) conference in Denmark brought together people with a specific interest in autism: parents, professionals, and a few autistic adults. The International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED) in Spain, the final and main event for the presentation of the project’s results, had a broader educational focus. The responses to Autism&Uni were similar in that we were approached by professionals working in education at both events, but in Denmark there was more focus on special education while in Spain the discussions were more about autistic students in mainstream settings.

Image: Antti Aavikko introduces the Best Practice Guide to INTED participants. While our workshop attracted a relatively small proportion of the 650 participants, our stand was very busy and we quickly ran out of printed copies of our Best Practice Guide.

 At this point, the Best Practice Guide is the output that has generated the greatest amount of interest. Translation to…

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