Posted on 16th August 2014

Project Partner Introduction: Antti Aavikko and Keskuspuisto Vocational College

Hello everyone,

My name is Antti Aavikko, and I work with Keskuspuisto Vocational College in Helsinki.

Keskuspuisto vocational college (KVC) is a vocational special education institute. We have approximately 1,000 students, aiming for either vocational qualification or towards independent life and better everyday skills throughpreparatory education. In Finland, Keskuspuisto Vocational College is one of the pioneers in the field of secondary level education for people on the autistic spectrum.

I have been working for KVC as a teacher, in a special group aimed for students with learning difficulties related to neuropsychiatric disorders. Currently I work as a manager in charge of the preparatory education for disabled students.

My professional interests at the moment are in the areas of alternative and augmentative communication methods and in accessible school design. We are planning a new building for 2018, and I am happy to be in a key role in that process.

In the Autism&Uni project, my task is to do some of the networking, and to discuss ideas with Heta, who is doing most of the more concrete work. Our main role in this project is dissemination; to make the project results known and available. We will also post regular news on how the project is evolving. Right now we are in preliminary data-gathering stage, and we would like you to participate by filling in our questionnaire.

We will also organize the final seminar for the project in…

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