Posted on 12th December 2014

Project Partner Introduction: Natasha Stash at TU/e

Hi, I am Natalia Stash from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands. I am a lecturer, researcher and developer at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. I am also a student counsellor for students following the Web Science undergraduate degree course at the TU/e. 

TU/e is the technical partner in the project, primarily responsible for delivering the technology to support students with autism. We are planning to build this technology on the basis of existing research, conducted by our Web Engineering group.

One of the areas in which our group specialises is automatic creation of personalised Web experiences. In the past few years we have developed several tools for providing personalised access to online information. We have designed tools both for information in general and online educational courses in particular.

My PhD research was based on a first generation tool of this type. In my thesis, I presented examples of adapting online learning environments to different cognitive/learning styles (CS/LS). To identify CS/LS that can be applied in pedagogy, and more specifically in online learning environments, I did a thorough review of the literature on cognitive psychology.

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Using our tool I implemented scenarios for three dimensions of CS/LS:

visual versus verbal, global versus analytic (or sequential), and active versus reflective.

I showed types of adaptation that could be used to accommodate for variation within these three dimensions. For the cases in which the learner does not know what his/her CS/LS…

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