Posted on 14th November 2014

Support for students with ASD in Spain

María Merino has a degree in Psychology and Psychopedagogy, and she has been involved in working directly with people with ASD since 2004. Since 2006 she has been the coordinator of the program for people with Asperger Syndrome in the autism association Autismo Burgos. She has been coordinating awareness-raising and research projects focusing on autism in the region of Castilla y León, in north-western Spain. In addition to her work on the local level, María has been active on national and international arenas. She has participated in European projects such as Autism in Pink. She has written books and articles on autism, and has received recognition in the form of several national awards. She has appeared as speaker in a number of national and international conferences that centre around her field of expertise, including the 2014 World Autism Congress in Kuwait.

People with ASD find transitions in their lives particularly challenging. They often need support to achieve their personal aims, and a chance to develop their real strengths. In Spain, some pathways towards this have been created over the past two decades. For example, we have experience in promoting access to universities through adaptation of the entrance examination. Students with ASD are given extra time and a specific classroom without overloading sensory stimuli. Also, they can rely on the support of a trainer who knows how to transform general questions in concrete ones – the content is not…

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