Posted on 22nd March 2016

Transition Pathways Conference a success On 18 March we held a one-day conference exploring transition pathways for autistic students. Speakers included Emma Jones from the National Autistic Society, Matt Tucker from Birmingham City University, Penny Andrews and Autism&Uni Lead Researcher Dr Marc Fabri.

With more than 60 delegates coming together in the historic BBC Broadcasting House in Leeds, the conference was a great success both in terms of the interest it generated nationally, and the feedback received from delegates on the day.

“I have been able to take a lot away from the day,
it is particularily useful to be able to take info back
surrounding the toolkit & the guides will be very
useful in future training”

Attendee feedback

Kate Dean, Head of the Disability Assessment Centre (DAC) which conducts study assessments for disabled students, opened the day with an overview of the research and support initiatives taking place at Leeds Beckett University.

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The DAC has worked with a team at the National Autistic Society (the leading British charity improving the lives of people on the autism spectrum)  to review the centre’s practices and communications, aiming to get them right for autistic people – and by implication improving provisions for all students who use the centre’s services. This includes using clear and unambiguous language, be up-front about what students can expect, etc. This is important since the DAC has seen a 20% year-on-year increase in students declaring autism when they start university.

“An excellent event that sent me home with

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