Posted on 27th May 2014

Welcome to Autism&Uni

Hello, my name is Marc Fabri and I am a lecturer and researcher at Leeds Metropolitan University, a higher education institution in the vibrant city of Leeds in the north of England. I am project leader for Autism&Uni.

My first introduction to autism research was during PhD studies around 2002 when research colleagues explored the use of technology to support students on the autism spectrum with their education. Leeds Met has a long history of involvement in autism research and activism. For many years the university-wide Disability Research Group organised annual conferences and in 2012 published a book on ‘Disabled Students in Education: Technology, Transition and Inclusivity‘.

The key word in that book title is Transition. Going from school into higher education is one of the major transition points in life – choosing a course, making new friends, functioning in new environments, getting things wrong, discovering your talents, being more independent. Such a transition is challenging and that’s why we’d like to ensure there is effective support available for students on the autism spectrum.

Within the Autism&Uni project, we’re in excellent company. There are partners from 5 European countries, each providing a different perspective on the understanding of autism in their country and ideas on how the transition from school to university can be supported.

Feeling lonely or just want to make new friends? Come join the MDM Club for free. Chat in a safe and tolerant space, created especially for the disability community.

Working closely with the project team is Penny Andrews, the Autism&Uni Research Assistant. Penny has Asperger Syndrome, and in common with many women was diagnosed later in life. She knows…

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