Editors Note: The phrase “wheelchair bound” in the title of this post and original source article was used originally but now altered as it was the title of the original news article. However “wheelchair bound” is not appropriate language to use when describing a disabled person. Please consider using a phrase such as “wheelchair user” or similar.

Some of us complain about walking to the bus stop in the snow; some complain on a hot summer’s day, but from Nick Shortridge, who is paralyzed from the chest down, you hear no complaints.

In fact, the Facebook user, and now personality who has taken social media by storm in the last few days, is running his own YouTube channel devoted to inspiring people by showcasing his passion for truck driving despite his injury.

We did this video to motivate and also to show how a spinal cord patient transfers to a vehicle, in this case a big dumptruck.

— Nick Shortridge

It started on March 29, when Shortridge posted the brief clip after requesting his wife, Vimary, film his daily process of getting into his work truck.

The video, which can be seen below, has generated a massive response on Facebook. Shared by Discovery TV personality Mike Rowe, Shortridge’s video has already reached more than 8 million page views—and is still climbing.

Users have been submitting the video to Ellen Degeneres’ personal “ellentube,” hoping that the suggestions can land Shortridge onto ‘The Ellen Show.’

Click to see video

Me getting into my dump truck.

Posted by Nick Shortridge on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On YouTube, the Ohio-native details the account of his injury, as well as his creation and passion for his excavation job:

“In 2009 i fell 50 ft from a tree (tree trimmer by trade) and was paralyzed from my chest down (T9 complete) after my 3…

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