Posted by davidwoodbr on November 20, 2015

In this demo of the Apple tv 4th generation, I go through a number of apps using VoiceOver including: My radio free, Clock tv, Weather, ABC News (US not Australia), Mashable, AirFeed, Netflix, Youtube (seem to be corrupted when I tried to use it), Carrot Weather, TWiT tv, Healing Free, Voice Healing, White Noise Pro, Assistant, TED, Ten Play, Plex, and News Room.

I also list my boys games.


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  1. Mostly people takes class of voice over. I am also taking class of voice over. Before 6 month ago my demo did and I had 3 band in there. Now my 2second demo will be do may 7. And my audition will do after1 month ago.If you have experience in there please recommended me for right way otherwise i will select in my demo. thanks u


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