Posted by davidwoodbr on November 4, 2015

In this demo, I make a note of changes to the purchased apps screen which now includes Recent purchased apps, Recent Updates and All app categories, When flicked down to, will let you then flick to the right to see what apps are in each of these categories.  Below this is a list of categories covering apps that you have purchased with the ability again to flick to the right to see what apps are in that category.  All Apps appeared to be the screen that I had in the previous demo of purchasing apps.

After this, I then move in to the main demo of moving apps, deleting apps, checking how much space apps take up, and finally look at opening or quitting apps from the App Switcher which you get to the same way the you do on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad: press the Home button twice on the Siri remote (right hand button above the volume control).


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To read the rest of this article please visit the original post as this is only an excerpt as the original article is currently not available for full republication.

This article excerpt was sourced from the website iSee - Using various technologies from a blind persons perspective and the original article can be found at Apple tv 4th Generation demo: moving, deleting, and quitting apps: with a note about changes to purchased app screen.

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