Posted by davidwoodbr on November 8, 2015

In this demo I show how to pair a Bluetooth speaker to the Apple tv 4th generation.  I then demonstrate switching between BT speaker, AirPlay, and Apple tv/tv connected audio.  I point out during the demo that using BT speakers with the Apple tv is not the greatest experience due to both music and VoiceOver coming out of the same speaker, but unlike the Apple tv/tv audio, VoiceOver is very choppy and the sound of the external BT speaker I demo isn’t very loud even though the max volume was being used: I also found this poor maximum volume when using my Beats Wireless speakers.  Overall I much prefer to use AirPlay since VoiceOver speaks through the tv connect audio and other audio goes out to the AirPlay speaker.


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This article excerpt was sourced from the website iSee - Using various technologies from a blind persons perspective and the original article can be found at Apple tv 4th generation demo: pairing a Bluetooth speaker and switching audio between BT speaker, AirPlay and Apple tv/tv connected audio.

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