Posted by davidwoodbr on November 6, 2015

In this demo, I take you toggling on/off VoiceOver.  Show you were to find the accessibility short cut. demo the VoiceOver practise for VO gestures on the Siri touch remote. take you through the VoiceOver rotor options.  Use Direct Touch accessed from the rotor with main screen, keyboard, and within an app.  Finally, demo the press and hold of the Play/Pause button on the Siri touch remote to emulate the two finger flick up read from top of screen.

FYI: Siri touch remote:

top face is the trackpad touch screen, and then

left middle 3 vertical column of buttons – Menu, Siri, and Play/Pause buttons,

Middle right – Home button, and rectangular volume up/down button.

VoiceOver gestures of course (smile) being performed on the trackpad at the top of the Siri touch remote as someone did ask me during the week was I touching the tv screen smile.


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