Posted by davidwoodbr on November 5, 2015

In this demo I take you through a number of things you can do with Siri on the Apple tv.  Siri doesn’t speak as it does on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, but displays text as it does on the Apple watch.  However, VoiceOver will read the text that Siri generates.  To use Siri: hold down Siri button (middle button of 3 on Siri remote), speak command and release button.  The items I take you through include getting the time, date, and weather, turning VoiceOver on or off, activating controls on the viewable screen, returning to the screen, dismissing the Siri interface, opening apps, searching and playing movies/music, navigating the App store, and getting Siri to tell you what types of commands you can use.  Also tried to get Siri to tell me a joke but she wouldn’t, instead she at least answered why the chicken crossed the road.


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This article excerpt was sourced from the website iSee - Using various technologies from a blind persons perspective and the original article can be found at Apple tv 4th generation demo: what you can do with Siri on the Apple tv.

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