Posted by davidwoodbr on November 5, 2015

In this demo I demonstrate how you can navigate the Apple tv 4th generation using the Nimbus game controller with VoiceOver.  once paired, the cursor takes you up, down, left and right, left stick moves as cursor (although found this harder), right stick appears to do nothing as far as VO is concerned, DPad of buttons y button at 12 on clock face, x at 9, a at 6, and b at 3 – A acts as click and B acts as back menu button.  Front triggers and shoulder buttons move left and right across a row.  Front middle of Nimbus is the lightening connector for charge, slide on/off switch to the left of the lightening connector and pair to the right.  All up, easy to use with VoiceOver and to navigate.  Of course, no Siri button on the controller.  Figured, if my boys can have fun playing games with it, I can have fun navigating with it.  Final note: no need to turn it off via the slide switch as Nimbus will go to sleep after 15 minutes.  Remember that at time of recording, only two controllers can be paired along with the Siri remote or one BT head set and game controller plus the Siri remote.


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