Posted by davidwoodbr on January 2, 2016

In this demo, I demo how I can access my Netatmo Urban Weather Station (where I am using two hardware modules for indoor/outdoor temperature information), and my Belkin Link light globes and Belkin WeMo switch’s from my Apple watch.

I first demo the official app for Netatmo followed by the Comfort app on the iPHone, and then demo the comfort complication and app running n my Apple watch.

Similarly with Belkin: I first demo the official WeMo app, and then the QuickSwitch app on my iPhone, and then demo the QuickSwitch app on the Apple watch.  Unfortunately the QuickSwitch app has no complication for use on the Apple watch, I have to just use the app.

Conclude in commenting that these two apps just make the Apple watch that more useful.


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