Dolphin begins the first of what will likely be many announcements this week at CSUN by unveiling SuperNova 15.03. One of the biggest highlights of this release is a feature called “connect and View”. This feature allows a user to connect any HD camera to their laptop or tablet which will then magnify whatever is in view of the camera. It is also possible, with this feature, to connect to a whiteboard or another computer so that, for example, if someone is presenting, the user of Supernova can view what’s on the screen right on their laptop or tablet. The user can also customize color schemes and the type of magnification that best suits their needs.
Low vision users can also now connect to interactive Whiteboard directly to accomplish the same things as if it were connected to another computer. it’s also possible to operate in split screen mode which would allow, for example, to work in a window on a tasks such as taking notes, while still providing a magnified image of whatever the user is connected to. You can read more details on this release by going to the source link, or more about this feature specifically by checking out the Connect & View FAQ page.

Other enhancements in 15.03 include the resurrection of a feature called “line view”, native support for the Baum Vario line of products, and a new Bookshelf feature. Version 15.03 is a free upgrade for existing customers who have Supernova 15.0 and can be…

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