Posted by davidwoodbr on December 30, 2015

On the 31st of December 2015 Aussie time, the official Twitter client for Mac OS X was updated.  Amongst the improvements was giving access to VoiceOver users to the interface.

In this demo, I take you through a brief exploration of the Twitter client, navigating the home time line, examining a tweets details, activating a link within a tweet, replying to a tweet, switching between the views for Home timeline, Notifications (mentions), Messages, Profile, Lists, and Search, demo of the Tweet sub-menu from the main menu to allow for retweeting of tweets etc, and posting a new tweet.

As this is a short demo, I did not go in to Messages, Lists or Searching.

Demo was mainly to show you that the updated Twitter app for Mac OS X is indeed accessible.

A few rough edges, but nothing that stops basic solid functioning of the app.

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To read the rest of this article please visit the original post as this is only an excerpt as the original article is currently not available for full republication.

This article excerpt was sourced from the website iSee - Using various technologies from a blind persons perspective and the original article can be found at Demo of the updated Twitter client for Mac OS X using VoiceOver: now accessible..

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