Some well-established web design basics: minimize the number of choices that someone has to make; create self-explanatory navigation tools; help people get to what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

Sounds simple enough? Now consider this… An ever-growing number of web users around the world are living with dementia. They have very varied levels of computer literacy and may be experiencing some of the following issues: memory loss, confusion, issues with vision and perception, difficulties sequencing and processing information, reduced problem-solving abilities, or problems with language.

Just when we thought we had inclusive design pegged, a completely new dimension emerges.

Designing websites for people living with dementia has thus far been relatively unexplored in the web design world. However, we at On Our Radar had to face up to the challenge of dementia-friendly design last year when creating “Dementia Diaries”: a project to encourage people living with dementia to record audio diaries of their experiences, achievements and challenges through a customized 3D-printed mobile phone. The collection of audio stories is hosted on the site where they are curated for media campaigns or used to provide insights for services and organisations who work with people with dementia.

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This is an excerpt of an article published on Smashing Magazine. You can read the rest of the article here.

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