A California pre-teen with autism spectrum disorder is getting a huge chance in life with improving the ability to recognize various facial emotions. This is made possible with the help of an “autism glass”.

Researchers from Stanford University of Medicine are working towards further development of an “autism glass”, aptly named to assist children like Julian Brown in overcoming the overwhelming challenges of difficulty interpreting different emotional states in people he encounters in daily life, NBC News reported. The new experimental device which assesses facial cognizance and emotions was conceptualized by Catalin Voss, a Stanford University student and founder of Silicon Valley startup Sension, together with researcher Nick Haber.

The software runs via Google Glass, and as one of many children invited to participate in the “Autism Glass Project” – Julian is learning to see the emotions of different people and improve the ability to evaluate facial expressions. The 10-year old also stated that the assistive device isn’t just a machine that can read minds, but also help with recognizing emotions.

Our emotion recognition glasses featured with Secretary Robert McDonald, US Dept. of VA. pic.twitter.com/R85PbeHQJN

— Dennis P. Wall (@dpwall00) May 6, 2016

As Julian wears the “autism…

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