Adele Tashkin is a friend of Adam Schwartz. She has been part of a group of family, friends and paid supporters who have been working together for 2 years to help Adam move into his own home. Adam has autism and therefore has many particular support needs. In 2013 he successfully applied for a modest individualised funding package which has propelled the group forward.

Adam’s vision for home is to remain close to his family in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. This means finding creative solutions to the affordability issue!

Adam’s vision for his place is that it will have the feel of a student sharehouse with three young flatmates without disability. As one of his group said ‘Just like Big Brother but without the voting off’!

Adele is one of our guest speakers on our next webinar, August 18th 2015!

She will take us behind the scenes of this endeavour, which has been built over time.

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In the video below you can check out Adam’s sisters and support worker talking about the journey so far.

Don’t forget you can ask about Adam on our next webinar! 


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This article was sourced from the website InCharge Disability Services (full copy) and the original article can be found at Adam Who Has Autism moves into his own home.

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