Cerebral Palsy Support Network invites guests to come to the information session on disability housing options. Even though this event is outside of the southern region of Victoria, it is worth visiting.

Special guest speakers will include Jacalyn Bodycoat and Liz Mumford from Housing Choices Australia.


Learn more about:

  • What kinds of disability specific housing is available
  • How to access this housing
  • How Housing Choices Australia works with people with disabilities to provide housing and tenancy solutions that suit their individual needs
  • Shared Supported Accommodation
  • Housing Choices Australia and the NDIS


When: Thursday 14 April
When: 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Location: 525 High Street Preston
To reserve a spot: or for more information please contact (03) 9478 1001 or erin.haynes@cpsn.org.au

Contact Name: Erin Haynes

Contact Phone: 9478 1001

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