Editors Note: Do not prejudge whether someone needs accessibility arrangements merely based on their appearance. Many disabilities are invisible and you have no idea of that person’s needs.

Why can't I use the disabled loos in peace?

Just because the sign shows a wheelchair doesn’t mean everyone who needs to use the disabled loos has one (Picture: Getty)

The Stone Roses played at the Etihad stadium in Manchester last week and it was epic.

As a life long fan, it was emotional to see a band who were so important to me when I was getting into music and even better to share it with my husband, friends and 15-year-old son.

But, yet again, disability ignorance struck when I needed to use the toilet with my ostomy bag.

An ostomy bag is a medical device worn to collect waste from the body through a stoma, which is part of the intestine showing through a surgical hole in the abdomen.

It needs to be emptied regularly and can require changing out in public if it leaks.

People with an ostomy bag can use accessible toilets if they require them, and many have Radar keys and Can’t Wait cards.

I was having an amazing time, till I felt a dampness on my tummy so headed off to the toilets, but unfortunately I forgotten my radar key, so I asked a staff member if I could…

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