Get Expert NDIS Advice From The Benevolent Society in the My Disability Matters Community

Here at My Disability Matters, we have built an online social community for the disability sector and it can, and does, provide great peer support in a safe, respectful and tolerant environment – something missing from other social media platforms.

However we understand that there are times when you want more than just advice, or stories & experiences from other disabled people and families. Don’t get me wrong, that is very valuable and we can help out with that if you become a member of the MDM Club.

If you are preparing for the NDIS rollout to come to your area, or maybe you already have your NDIS plan but don’t know how to use it, get the services you need, then we have developed a great NDIS community of support for advice, questions and discussion around the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We have teamed up with The Benevolent Society, (see our article on The Benevolent Society forms strategic partnership with My Disability Matters ) Australia’s first and oldest charity, to provide expert advice around the NDIS and disability care and support. The Benevolent Society are a very large service provider, Australia’s largest, single NDIS service provider. In 2017 they also took over all Government disability services in New South Wales from the State Government.

This means they have a lot of expert staff, allied health care providers, NDIS trainers and support staff. They really do have a great deal of expertise in this area.

So if you have questions about the NDIS or disability care and support, that you want answered by a service provider who is used to dealing with the NDIS, deciphering NDIS plans and implementing those plans then you can now get that advice through the My Disability Matters Community and our partnership with The Benevolent Society.

Feeling lonely or just want to make new friends? Come join the MDM Club for free. Chat in a safe and tolerant space, created especially for the disability community.

If you are already a member of the MDM Club then just go here and apply to join the TBS Hive group where their expert staff and moderators can help you with all your questions.

If you aren’t a MDM Club member then this is your chance to join for free and get expert advice about the NDIS from a NDIS service provider. Go to this specific MDM Club signup page and you will join the Club and be automatically added to the TBS Hive group to get the help you need.

We do also have a NDIS users group that you will be added to, where you can share your own personal experiences with other NDIS users and families.

Thanks very much and we look forward to meeting you in the MDM Club.


Dale Reardon
My Disability Matters Community Founder and CEO



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