I “met” Spann Cordle online and I was immediately taken with his positive, upbeat, go-getter attitude.

Spann and Finn at The Walmart Shareholder's Meeting in Arkansas
Spann and Finn at The Walmart Shareholder’s Meeting in Arkansas
Spann Cordle and his service dog, Finn

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, Cordle has an astonishing background and an even MORE impressive outlook for a bigger and brighter future.

He has an under graduate degree in political science, and criminal justice and graduate work in criminal justice and public administration.

A greeter at a Walmart store in Griffin Georgia, he has aspirations of moving from the sales floor to corporate Walmart.

Cordle, 55, started with the retail giant in 2007 in Summerville Ga as a greeter, then was promoted to sales associate in the connection center. In 2008 he was ask by then store manager Jeremy Lightsey if he would like to attend the annual shareholders meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Upon his return, Spann soon got a call from SAM’s Club asking if he and his service dog Finn would be interested in being featured in a promotional video on service animals. A film crew came from St. Louis to shoot the 2 minute video

In February 2009, Spann and Finn flew to Kansas City for SAM’s yearly meeting where the video was shown- the associate and dog got 3 standing ovations.

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In Nov 2009, Cordle was featured in an article for Disaboom.com for Walmart.
May of 2010, “Careers and the Disabled” named him employee of the year representing Walmart.

In October 2010, Spann and Finn were featured on cover of Walmart World Magazine.

Cordle has nothing but praise for the company, and feels he can do more to be an asset.

He wants to move to the Walmart Arkansas Corporate office to offer his continued contributions.

Spann has been hoping and working on his dream of corporate after his trip to the shareholders meeting. He says it has almost become a 24/7 goal to reach in order to show others disabled and non-disabled that if you want something badly enough -and work for it and are determined- it can happen.

Cordle hopes to gain a position with more impact should he lucky enough to relocate and use his Abilities to help the company continue to grow.

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This excerpt comes from an article published on examiner.com . To read the full article, click here.

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