Editors Note: A great new service but just remember, in my humble view, that your white cane or guide dog harness, still needs to be recognizable by the general public as a mobility aid, to ensure that you are given the appropriate recognition and respect – eg assistance or admission where dogs are not allowed.


Most people who are blind and visually impaired use one or more aids for orientation and mobility, the white cane being one of the most common ones. You may think of your cane as merely a functional device and, indeed, it does fit that description.

Your cane, however, is a part of you, something everyone else notices. Now thanks to Kustom Cane, you can own a cane that stands out from all the others, a cane that displays your personality and things that matter to you.

Kustom Cane strives to provide canes that are safe. Every cane includes reflective material that makes you visible when traveling at night. Kustom Cane will add this reflective material to any cane you send to them even if you don’t buy a customized cane from them. Kustom Cane will personalize any type of cane and even offers to make customized harnesses for service dogs.

When you visit the homepage www.kustomcane.com, you find a promotional video and a guide for determining which type of cane is best for you. You also find a place where you can purchase gift certificates and a listing of some of the new products Kustom Cane has to offer.

You get a better idea about the company’s origin from the “About” page and notice that its founder used to work in restyling for the auto industry. When James, the company’s owner, lost his vision in 2010, he figured out that there was no variation in white canes, a fact that…

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