Editors Note: This has certainly been a fear / anxiety of mine. When you need help from transport staff you are completely at their mercy and often can’t even locate them to remind them of your needs. Making transport accessible for people without assistance must be our end goal.


A disabled woman says she was left on a train because staff forgot that she was using a wheelchair.

Danielle Lavigne initially arrived at her destination on a train in Dublin on April 15.

But instead of disembarking like anyone else, she was left on the train – a DART, or Dublin Area Rapid Transit – as staff had no way to get her off the vehicle in her wheelchair.

Danielle, who lives in Dublin, shared her experience on Twitter, asking service provider Irish Rail for an explanation.

Her first tweet yesterday explained that she had been left on a DART train because her station and driver were not made aware that she was a wheelchair user.

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So @IrishRail left me on a DART Friday because I’m a wheelchair user and they forgot to call ahead to the arrival station or tell the driver

— Danielle Lavigne (@BurlyQEinstein) April 17, 2016

So I called @IrishRail and had my friend talk to them and they didn’t seem to understand I was stuck in a train for some time

— Danielle Lavigne (@BurlyQEinstein) April 17, 2016

She then says that she had a friend speak to Irish Rail about her situation, which she claims was a lengthy wait.

Danielle was apparently then told to “ride the train to the end of the line until they went back to Dublin”.

So @IrishRail

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