At My Disability Matters, as we grow, we are committed to providing employment opportunities for people who live with disability.

We are excited to partner with breakthru Employment Support Services and share how they are working with individuals and organisations to improve the level of employment for people with disability.

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In Australia, almost 50% of people with disability aged 15-64 are unemployed, and many more are underemployed.

For many, finding their first job after finishing school is a major hurdle. In the video below, Tayla shares her successful journey from school to work with breakthru’s Employment Support Services.

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[vc_toggle title=”Open to read a transcript of the video”]Tayla: When I first joined breakthru, I kind of just did it ’cause I was terrified about the world outside school. Going to breakthru was one of the few reliefs of stress I had in my life at that stage. When I talked about the stuff about work, they all understood and helped me if I did have any problems.

Kylie: And so my name’s Kylie. I’ve actually worked for McDonald’s for about 17 years. I’ve been lucky enough to work as a restaurant manager across a few different stores, so I’ve got to meet and work with a lot of different crew. So I have a relationship with breakthru when we’re looking for employees or when they have potential employees that they think would be suited to the business.

Craig: So what the work experience program’s done for us is it enables us to analyze an employee’s strengths and weaknesses but more importantly it actually gives the employee the opportunity to be, get comfortable in a workplace knowing that they’ve got those support and resources around them, that if they make a mistake we’re, there’s someone there to help them, so that work experience program is really, really crucial in making them feel comfortable. And when they feel comfortable, the performance out of them is fast-tracked.

Kylie: So she actually started working our customer areas doing work experience and her confidence and her customer interactions stood out straightaway to our management team. I actually had several managers say to me within the first few weeks of Tayla’s work experience how good she was and how confident she was. So that’s when I actually spoke to breakthru and said, “Look, we’d like to try her on the front counter area and see how she goes. If she’s confident enough, and then look at employment for her,” so she did such a great job out here and, yes, to have several managers comment to me about how good she was is, is a credit to her.

Tayla: I have a lot more opportunities coming up than I ever thought I would.

Kylie: Honestly, some of our best employees are people that have started off with needing a little bit of extra support in the business. By doing work experience, we probably look at people that would normally not do an application with us, or might not know how to do an application with us and can’t do it on their own and that sort of thing, so these guys are put forward to us by breakthru and it gives us that opportunity to give them a go and see if we can offer them employment.[/vc_toggle]

About breakthru’s Employment Support Services

breakthru is a national not-for-profit organisation committed to empowering people to create their own futures. Through the provision of high-quality person-centric programs, they enable thousands of people every year to address mental health, employment, disability, homelessness and training needs.

Employee support services include career guidance, resume development, interview preparation, networking, work experience and on the job training and support.

breakthru operates in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

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