A few months ago, I got an awesome job. I am a part time (roughly 3/4 time) editor for a major disability and health website. I like my job because I’m helping people, using my writing and editing skills, and learning about the Internet media market. I can work from home, and I have some flexibility to travel. I have great coworkers and my disability is actually an asset. Most of my coworkers also have disabilities, or have relatives who do. It’s an ideal working environment.

I really enjoy my job. I’d love to increase to full-time, or nearly so. But I can’t, because I already have another part-time job. It’s not one I applied for or even wanted, and I’d quit in a heartbeat if I could. Unfortunately, that’s not an option. Because you see, having a disability is a part-time job.

I’m not talking about health, per se. Yes, I have the occasional day where I’m not feeling well, and it’s nice that I don’t have to go into an office. I can sit at my desk in my PJs with a heating pack and not worry about people seeing how crappy I look. My job is on West Coast hours, so I have some extra time in the morning in case I need it. All those things put me on a level playing field with other workers. My disability in and of itself rarely hinders my work. The hassle of handling our byzantine system of financial, housing, healthcare, and attendant care benefits while working with a disability is another story.

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This is an excerpt from a post at Free Wheelin’ Travel Blog. You can read the full post here.

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