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Allan Roberts has seen darker days than many of us. But his determination not to give up and to remain positive has brought light to the lives of many.

In 2002, Roberts was in his late 50s, with a long career as an electromechanical engineer. He had a home in the town of Droitwich, England, with his wife and two daughters. He was still able-bodied then; the blindness would strike later.

His life was like a train smoothly winding through scenic mountains, then suddenly plummeting off a cliff.

His wife managed their finances; he turned his paychecks over to her. The truth emerged that she had badly mismanaged the finances, leaving them 100,000 pounds (about $150,000) in debt. Then she left him for another man.

With the rise of computer technology, Roberts’s trade had slowly become obsolete. Computer engineers were in demand, and this electromechanical engineer was left jobless. He got a job with another company setting up store management systems, but the company had overextended itself and he was laid off.

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By 2003, he was forced out of his house. One of his daughters moved in with a friend; his other daughter got a very small trailer to live in by herself.

“I lived in my car for a spell, but I owed my daughter some money, so I gave my daughter the car,” he said. “I was living in a tunnel.”

I was living in a tunnel.


I just saw the…

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