Searching for romance on the internet can be problematic for those who battle with depression.

My profile on a well-known internet dating site doesn’t include any mention of my bouts of depression. It’s not really a selling point so I haven’t tacked it on the end of the “articulate, witty, devilishly handsome” stuff.

It’s a conundrum though. How do you make yourself seem like an attractive proposition when that one jarring note is likely to result in curious and interested women suddenly hitting the “next” key in quick time? Most of the time I’d consider myself good company and my online profile reeks of modern day Renaissance man. Or so I’d like to believe of course.

But should someone spend, let’s say six months or so with me they’re likely to experience even for a week or so, the me who retreats into an insular world where communication with even the best of my friends seems far too difficult to contemplate, and my social activities diminish to the degree that I’ll only attend a function if I absolutely have to, and will be aching to leave the moment I arrive.

Depending on the severity of my situation I can often do a reasonable impression of myself, talking and making that laughing sound, and seeming chipper even. But inside it’s killing me and I’m praying I don’t get stuck in a conversation that I can’t politely terminate. I’m hoping that the band I’ve been obliged to see will…

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