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Engaging With the World When You Have Autism

I write this post with the effort of simplicity.  I am going to jump straight in and inform you whether you may or may not be reading this, that reading Warren Mayocchi’s book “Human – Finding Myself In the Autism Spectrum” has been an enlightening experience for me.  I can relate to a lot of what Warren has said in the book.

The thing I like about reading it, is that Warren carefully articulates his thoughts into words. It is these thoughts which provide a means of best attempting to explain what it is like to think and function in a world different and foreign to you everyday.  Although my thoughts are my own, I really hope that more people will read Warren’s book.


Functioning Within Social Isolation

Just getting by each day can be real effort. I am 43 years of age and yet I am also a solo traveler.  I know that I am unable to function fully in complete social isolation but one may ponder on the question as to whether people with Autism did exist in churches or disclosed settings in the past?  If you have heard of Steve Silberman then you may find some answers to such questions.

Getting back to Warren’s book though, I acknowledge the hardwork and effort involved in writing this book let alone having it self published.  It is a tremendous effort!  It is good that Warren has written it because many adults on the Autism Spectrum still exist in the wilderness.  We think and function as best we can be we are often sadly overlooked and misunderstood in the wider community.

Having reach almost my mid 40’s now, I often wonder would I have survived if I had still remained unemployed and cast onto the scrap heap?  I know that the only way is forward!  I will write in point form how I best function in the world at present.

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  • I rely on intelligence to navigate the world.  Mental effort and energy is used to try and figure things out around me and to try and understand people
  • Writing blog posts and articles is a way to communicate whereas small talk and chit chat are just too much effort
  • Relying on the means of networking through social media, and YouTube to describe my experiences
  • Reducing anxiety by adhering to structure and routine but avoiding social interaction at the same time
  • Maintaining a sense of self discipline and motivation
  • Avoiding as best I can exposure to sensory issues such as excessive light, smell, noise and touch
  • Seeing the world from a positive “Aspie” Perspective
  • Dealing with meltdowns and sensory overload triggers


Review of “Human Finding Myself In The Autism Spectrum”.

When reviewing the above book I feel less alone in being a solo traveler.  I get a sense of relief that Warren can articulate thoughts and experiences similar to my own and knowing that I am not alone!  As a person on the Autism Spectrum, writing a book is also a means of therapy and trying to let go of past experiences which sadly people cannot fully comprehend when one has challenges with a means of communication.

Warren’s book is in point form and is clear to read and understand.  Warren’s story is unique as he has found someone whom he can share his life’s journey with which for me just seems beyond me.  I just don’t think I have the energy to try anymore and I find friendships just as complicated.  I am not going to review the book too much because all I can say is that I relate to a lot of what Warren has written and I am glad in all honesty that he wrote the book.

For more information about Warren please visit I am happy to call Warren a friend.

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