Editors Note: It is not clear from the story whether this funding cut has been caused by the mental health services funding being rolled into the NDIS or not. However many mental health services are going to be provided through the NDIS, which is perhaps fine for the more severely disabled, but for those who aren’t eligible for the NDIS, then these cutbacks are drastic and life threatening. If you know more about this then please let us know.


Two key mental health services in Adelaide’s northern suburbs will shut within weeks following the axing of a multi-million-dollar Federal Government funding agreement.

A forensic health unit at Oakden, which helps mental health patients in the criminal justice system, and a walk-in service at Salisbury, were both funded as part of a National Partnerships Agreement worth almost $5 million.

But that five-year funding deal has expired and State Mental Health Minister Leesa Vlahos received written confirmation from the Federal Health Department that it will not be renewed.

“[Federal Health Minister] Sussan Ley hasn’t even had the courtesy to write to me myself and advise me she’s cut nearly $5 million from mental health care services,” Ms Vlahos said.

“That will affect, say, the Salisbury walk-in clinic. That’s about 1,400 people a year who are able to access that service nine to nine, 365 days a year.

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“That service will have to close on June 30.

“[They’re] putting lives at risk in the way they’re treating people in South Australia right now.”

Ms Vlahos said the State Government would not be able to cover the cost of the services.

The shut-down of the Oakden and Salisbury services will cost 25 jobs.

“We will not be able to provide the same level of care that we have in the past but we are working to endeavour to support those people when they need…

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