Editors Note: This app sounds terrific and benefits both people as the disabled person gets the help they need and the good Samaritan gets a discounted train ticket in return to thank them for their assistance. I do love the French!


A service helps you find the perfect travel mate for your disability by Annalisa Lista – 2016.05.02

From today on, French people with disabilities will find traveling on train less complicate and boring. How this?

Thanks to a website that helps them get in touch with a passenger present on the same train and available to give them a hand and chat a bit. The service is called Handivalise, it’ll be active starting from June and works like Blablacar.

First of all, both travelers with disabilities and candidates offering their help have to register to the online platform. Later, the first will chose the second ones according not only to the route, but also to personal characteristics, competences, experience and users’ judgments. All get benefits from this, according to creators. Since, disabled people find the perfect travel mate and this latter one has a reduction on his/her ticket.

For the moment, the project will concern only the Paris-Lyon route. If it’s successful, it’ll be extended to all destinations in France.

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