Editors Note: Once again much of this funding cut has been caused by either poor design, poor implementation or just lack of foresight with the NDIS and the ILC. State Governments had to find all the money to fund the NDIS so they said that community radio, particularly the radio for the print handicapped, benefits the disabled so we’ll include that funding into the ILC component of the NDIS strategy. But there is no guarantee the ILC funds will be returned to RPH stations and over what time frame as the ILC is progressing very slowly. Other community station funding for the non disabled has obviously got other funding cutback reasons.


The Federal Budget released on Tuesday, 3 May, contains cuts of $1.4m p.a., funding that currently keeps community radio stations broadcasting on digital in 5 capital cities.

“If we don’t get those funds reinstated, community radio will get left behind on the AM/FM dial,” says Vision Australia Radio Manager Conrad Browne.

Tune in for the national day of action on Friday, June 3  across Melbourne community broadcasters, including Vision Australia Radio.

“This funding is essential to keep community radio on digital, which is vital to the future of the community radio sector! The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is speaking up to let the Coalition and Labor know that, whoever wins government, it wants the funding for community radio stations across the country reinstated,” he adds.

Alongside a national campaign, we need to show Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten thousands of names on this petition to make our political leaders sit up and listen.

Sign the petition and show your support.

Vision Australia Radio is an important part of the blindness and low vision community. We’re a community because we’re connected and one of the many ways in which we’re connected is through community radio.

Listen to an interview with Vision Australia Radio Manager, Conrad Browne.

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