It is really terrific news that the Commonwealth Government has signed Bilateral Agreements with the New South Wales and Victorian Governments for the roll out of the NDIS in these states.

Here is the link if you’re looking for more information on where and when.

I am interested in people getting the most out of the NDIS. And for me this means transformation. It means moving from the margins. It means having a life where you are more than just a client or an object of other people’s purpose. I don’t believe that transformation ever lands solely from ‘on high’ or from the ‘top down’.

In my experience those that are smashing our perennial low expectations, who are citizens in the broadest sense of that term, those who can see that their own life means something, all of them have seized moments when the system has popped out with something that can be shaped. Transformation starts with an intent – I no longer desire to accept that what is offered is all that is possible. No planner, no system can make this happen. This is an inner spark for more.

We are undoubtedly meeting a flawed process with the NDIS. I look on forums regularly where the many flaws appear. We’re told there’s a chance now, but many of us wonder ‘is there really’? Much of our life experience tells us that most things that get announced as big and shiny and wonderful never turn out to be that way.

In my…

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