This article from my favourite tech journalist details a story hidden deep in the udget papers that I haven’t seen anyone else mention. The Federal Government is re-funding the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner which amongst other things provides appeal functions for privacy and FOI matters, which is certainly important for many human rights and disability investigations.

However to quote from the article:

However, this may turn out to be a pyrrhic victory for those of us who have a strong interest in human rights. It appears the Government has justified much of the OAIC’s returned funding through taking a large slice out of the Australian Human Rights Commission. This will be viewed as revenge for the AHRC’s continued advocacy on the issue of humane treatment of asylum seekers.

I strongly hope the cuts do not have a substantial impact on the AHRC’s operations, although I suspect that I do so in vain.

It is terrible news that the Government is taking crucial funding away from the AHRC that does so much good work in relation to disability rights and issues.

So much for the government reappointing the Federal Disability Commissioner if the AHRC doesn’t have sufficient funding to let them do their work properly.


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