Parents of disabled people in group homes say they are concerned a culture of covering up serious incidents and avoiding police scrutiny pervades the sector.

Key points:

  • Families want major parties to commit to reforms before the election
  • There are concerns changes to the sector will not roll over with the NDIS
  • Greens say the scale of abuse is much bigger than anticipated

Parents whose adult children are in group homes have spoken out concerned about Federal Government inaction ahead of the full rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Group homes are specially fitted out residential houses for mixed groups of people with high needs and are staffed with full time carers.

A Senate inquiry last year recommended sweeping reforms to the sector, including a royal commission.

Yet neither of the major parties has committed to implementing any of the reforms such as minimum qualifications for workers or a national registration system.

The parents want both sides of politics to commit to the reforms ahead of the election.

Among the parents is Laurice Hyam, whose son Michael choked to death on chocolate spread in a group home on the south coast of NSW in 2014.


This is an excerpt of an article published by the ABC.

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