Please Help Us Support Disabled Writers and Disability Issues

Dear disabled writers, disability sector, friends and supporters,

Here at My Disability Matters we want to support disabled writers, offer paid writing opportunities to promote disability issues and rights and eventually employ a disabled editor.

To learn all about the founders of My Disability Matters Dale Reardon and Jo Reardon you can read our All about My Disability Matters page including our mission and vision.

We along with the rest of the Australian disability community saw the excellent work done by ABC RampUp which was ultimately and unfortunately defunded by the Commonwealth Government and the ABC. We would like to create a viable and sustainable replacement for ABC RampUp but need your assistance, both in terms of publicity, promotion and financially.

Everything has to start somewhere, so we wish to start by raising funds to pay disabled writers. You can specify that your donation is to pay for writers. We will not use any of the donated funds for admin, marketing or other expenses. Although, unfortunately a small percentage will be absorbed by the merchant fees when you pay via PayPal or credit card.

We have created a charitable arm, My Disability Matters Community Ltd that is a deductible gift recipient (DGR) and registered Australian charity. This means that all donations by Australians over $2 are tax deductible. If you are not an Australian it is most likely that any donation will not be tax deductible to you, but please get your own tax advice.

Your donation will be combined with other donations to pay the writers, so you don’t have to donate the full cost of a commissioned article yourself; and of course you can donate more to cover several articles if you can afford that. Full DGR tax receipts will be issued via email.

If this project becomes very successful then we will need to employ an editor, who will be disabled, and at that time we will let you know about the use of future donations to cover those costs. However any donations made now will fully go towards paying disabled writers.

How quickly we can grow and expand will depend on your donations, advertising and sponsorship received and the publicity we can gather. To see some of the media coverage we have received thus far : media coverage of My Disability Matters

If you are associated with an overseas charity and would like to work with us to accept donations and pay disabled writers in your country, so that the donations can be tax deductible in your country then please contact us.


Where Will The Writing Be Published?

My Disability Matters operates 2 main sites in the disability community – My Disability Matters News and the My Disability Matters Club – an online social community for the disability sector.

The commissioned articles will be published on both these sites but in an effort to spread your work more widely we will publish these donated articles under a creative commons license. This means they will be permitted to be republished / syndicated on any other website provided full attribution is made in the form that we provide, giving active linking credit to My Disability Matters. We have seen this model operate very successfully on The Conversation website and they have even developed a partnership with the ABC, which would be fantastic if a similar partnership was possible with My Disability Matters.


How To Make Your Donation To Support Disabled Writers

To make your donation please go to Support Disabled Writers through donating to My Disability Matters Community Ltd

To support us in other ways, enquire about sponsorship or other partnership opportunities you can see the various options and obtain our full media kit here : Advertise to the disability sector through My Disability Matters


How You Can Help This Project Be Successful

In order to commission as many articles as possible and to spread the word about disability issues and associated human rights we need your help with publicity and promotion.

Firstly you can tell everyone you know about this page so they can donate or spread the word themselves.

Then you can subscribe to stay up to date with disability news and opinion and tell everyone you know to do the same.

Then please consider spreading the word on social media – all publicity helps no matter how small your following may be.


Please Promote Us on your disability blog, website or newsletter

It would also be tremendously helpful if you could link to both this article and also My Disability Matters Club on your blog, on a resource page, on your website, on your social media profiles etc etc. Google will help spread the word through better search rankings if we can get more links on other sites and blogs. If you need help publishing or writing the post or review just get in contact with us.


What Disability Topics and Issues Will We Cover

We do participate in many disability communities ourselves but we want to hear from you as to what you want covered, so that we know what articles to commission.

Please use our contact page to get in touch.


We Can Publish and Promote your Existing Disability Blog Content

If you have an existing blog on disability issues we can republish your blog posts on this site, My Disability Matters News, and give you additional exposure, including full attribution and links back to your site of course.

If you are interested in working with us in this way then you can get details and give permission to republish your disability blog.


Thank you for your support of My Disability Matters. We are looking forward to bringing you new and exciting writing from writers who live with disability.

Click here to donate to the disability writers fund.



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