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Hello and welcome to My Disability Matters or MDM for short as we like to call it. Here at MDM we operate a free curation service for disability news and opinion articles and blog posts from around the web’s many blogs and news sites.

We carefully select the very best of the blog posts and news articles relating to various disability issues, including the NDIS in Australia, and then publish them on our website and to our various email newsletter subscribers and followers on our various social media channels. There is no cost for this service to you, although it obviously costs us a lot in time and resources.

If you wish to signup for the email newsletter whereby you can receive either instant notification emails when an article is published or a daily digest, you can go here for email newsletter of disability and NDIS news.

If you operate a blog or website in the disability, NDIS or related health niches then no doubt you want to provide your readers and visitors with useful information.

We would be extremely greateful if you could link to our website from your site – perhaps on a resource page, perhaps in a page of your favourite links, a useful tools page etc and let your visitors know that we provide disability and NDIS news.

We do however offer yet another free tool that could be very helpful to your readers and visitors interested in disability news. On our disability and NDIS news syndication page we offer what is known as a widget to let you display our news and opinion article headlines on your disability or health related blog or website for free.

There is no charge for this service, it provides you with additional hand curated information for your website and is simple to install. We give you the code required to be inserted on your website and if it all seems a little complex, then we can do it for free for you.


Would you like your disability or NDIS blog content displayed on MDM?

If you operate a blog or website about any disability or NDIS topic, be it related to autism, accessible disability housing, the NDIS etc, then we are interested in hearing from you.

There are many advantages to having your existing articles republished on MDM:

  • Your information is published to a new, wider audience interested in disability issues. This will broaden your readership and give you wider exposure.
  • Your article will be exposed to our website visitors, archived online, emailed out to our email newsletter subscribers and promoted through our various growing social media channels.
  • You will receive a link back to your website increasing your popularity in various search engines and giving our readers a way back to follow you on your original site.
    If you have disability news then you will be able to spread it more widely.
  • You will gain additional credibility by being published on MDM.

It is faster and easier to include your content if your website or blog has what is known as a RSS feed, and your site includes all published content in that feed. However we are still willing to consider your site for inclusion even if manual importing is required.

If you have any special requirements for republishing your work, or perhaps some special attribution requirements then please get in touch to discuss those requirements further.

We will soon start publishing original content for members of MDM. Our plan is to be in a position to pay for exclusive and original writing in the next couple of months.


Please spread the word about our disability and NDIS news service

We want MDM to become a popular resource for the disability sector and need your help to spread the word.

Even if you don’t have a blog or website you can still spread the message on social media, to your LinkedIn contacts or in print publications that you may publish or contribute to.

Social media sharing options are at the bottom of the page. If you need any particular information or help in getting the word out about MDM then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you wish to have your blog or website news, or articles republished then please use the MDM contact form to get in touch with us.


Many thanks for all your assistance in spreading the word.

Dale Reardon.

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