CDS, Curtin University and Deakin University are collaborating through an ARC Linkage Grant which will investigate Quality and outcomes of individual supported living (ISL) arrangements for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Individual Supported Living (ISL) project builds on two previous projects that explored individual supported living for adults with intellectual disability. ISL means supported living arrangements that enable a person with a disability to live in their own home. These sorts of arrangements, which take many forms, are becoming more common. They provide alternatives to arrangements such as group homes that require a number of people with disability to live together. CDS is partnered with Curtin University, which is leading the ISL Project, and Deakin University and more than 10 NGOs.

The ISL Project is evaluating 150 arrangements in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria to document different aspects of quality. Teams of 4 people will carry out each evaluation. In addition, the research will explore how ISL arrangements contribute to specific outcomes including community participation and quality of life. In addition, we are documenting costs, both formal and informal, and the stories about the pathways that people took to enable each arrangement to come about.

There are two ways to get involved:

1. We are looking for people living in ISL arrangements in NSW that could participate in the evaluations. An evaluation involves a team of 4 people visiting the arrangement and interviewing the key people involved.…

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