Editors Note: I have had several Tasmanian guide dogs myself but don’t think they made it onto the sculpture / memorial. A good friend, Vanessa Ransley, is featured in the story though with her brand new dog, Yuri.

A special garden to remember the service of guide dogs in the community has been opened in Hobart.

The Garden of Memories, on the corner of Warwick and Elizabeth streets, is a place of reflection as well as raising public awareness of the work these dogs do.

The central piece of the garden is a large metal water feature, designed to look and act as a giant dog bowl.

In the bowl is a metal pole displaying the dog tags of passed guide dogs.

“Molly, my third guide dog, is on there somewhere,” Vanessa Ransley said.

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Ms Ransley has had low vision since birth and said having a guide dog made her life much easier.

Life without a dog “would mean having a long cane and bouncing off things from place to place a bit like a pinball machine”, she said.

“Having a guide dog is a lot less stressful and it allows you to get to places a lot more calmly and smoothly.”


To read the rest of this article please visit the original post as this is only an excerpt as the original article is currently not available for full republication.

This article excerpt was sourced from the website ABC News and the original article can be found at Memory of guide dogs honoured with public garden in Hobart.

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