WATCHING a person with a disability grow in confidence, is just one of the reasons Gayle Anderson loves her job.

I love my job: Gayle Anderson says a career with ACES is rewarding. Industry analysts are predicting a surge in jobs in the industry via the NDIS.

An eight year veteran with ACES – Access Community Educational Services – Mrs Anderson is employed as a support work and a person-centred planner.

“My role is to source a program that matches the needs of our service users,” she said.

“They may want to do a cooking course, learn some life skills, attend education activities or learn how to gain better access to their community … we have a whole host of groups that we can provide activities for.

“The second part of the role is to monitor how those service users are going as the program progresses to ensure it is working for service users.

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“It is an amazing industry to work within. Everybody just grows through the courses. I love seeing people happy and achieving – we have plenty of success stories.”

ACES provides a trial period for services users to access their programs and then decide if they would like to continue.

“It’s a bit like a taste tester,” she said.

Mrs Anderson is part of an industry expecting a boom period…

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